SAWITU Gala Event 2022
SAWITU Gala Event 2022

SAWITU Annual Gala 2022 Gallery

SAWITU Annual Gala 2022

Dear SAWITU Sisters

It is with the greatest joy that we share the pictures of the recent SAWITU Gala in Nashville with you. You came from all corners of our adopted country to celebrate our South African roots, share stories and celebrate each other’s achievements as we find our feet and adjust to the American way of life.

You sparkled and looked your very best on the red carpet. We delighted in a menu filled with South African favorites. We laughed with Lorna, cried with Antoinette, cheered for the award winners, danced and sang along with Cindy and lifted each other up. Thank you to each of you for helping to make our first SAWITU Gala weekend such a wonderful success.

Thank you to Nashville photographer, Kimberly Manz, for capturing all these special moments. We will forever cherish these memories made with old and new friends! As you browse the gallery, you can download any images you wish- just remember to enter the pin first. If you’re having trouble, contact Kim at

Your SAWITU Team