SAWITU Gala Event 2022

SAWITU Annual Gala 2022. The first of our Annual Gala events was held in Nashville TN (the home of country music) in April of 2022.

Stand In Aunty

An aunt makes life a little sweeter, and that’s exactly what Adri De Waal’s idea has done for the members of SAWITU, and all the lives we now touch.

SAWITU Gala Event 2022

The first of our Annual Gala events is being held in Nashville TN (the home of country music) in April of 2022.he event will comprise of an entire weekend of fun.

Harvest Soup

Harvest Soup recipe by Jana Badenhorst. Serves 10-12 people.


Welcome to our support group for South African women in The United States and Canada.
Started for women in the states but grew to reach SA women all over the globe.

We share love, joy, heartache, and are family away from family, we stand together through thick and thin.

Stand-In-Auntie Program

Stand-In-Auntie Program

Missing family? Get an instant Auntie or be an instant Auntie

Care Packages Program

Packages provided to women in need, a true support network

Helping Hands Non Profit

Support Sisters and SAWITU survivors – reach out if you need a hand

SAWITU Essentials Magazine

Read stories, get recipes and the feel uplifted by our quarterly magazine

Secret Santa Program

Treat and be treated by fellow South African Women

SAWITU Business Network

Network and promote your business.

Magic Rabbit Studios

Magic Rabbit Studios
Magic Rabbit Studios

SAWITU Magazine

Sawitu Magazine Issue 12
Sawitu Magazine Issue 12

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Harvest Soup recipe by Jana Badenhorst. Serves 10-12 people.

Sonja's Sticky Chicken Oven Bake recipe by Sonja De Ridder Billson.

Lienkie's Not So Fancy Scones by Erilene Lamprecht. This is my go to recipe when we have guests over or when my family is craving something sweet.

French Canadian Pea Soup by Anna Badenhorst. Serves 4-6 people.

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