SAWITU Stand-in-Auntie Program

Stand-in-Auntie Program

An Aunt makes life a little sweeter and our Stand in Auntie Program provides just that, the loving sweetness of an aunt. It is emotionally exhausting to immigrate and integrate into a new country and culture, our ‘Tannies’ are here to provide a family type support system to those South Africans living abroad far away from their families in South Africa or other countries.

The program works by Moms signing up the children and members volunteering to be Aunties. The Aunties send cards, letters, make phone calls and the children respond in kind. Thus, developing a relationship between the Auntie, their SAWITU Kiddo and family. We all know the excitement of receiving a card, a letter or even a gift in the mail.

It is warming to know that the new relationship between aunties and the kiddos are not the only ones to come from this program, friendships are forming between the moms and the aunties as well.

“Because she’s not like a regular aunt, she’s a cool aunt.”

The love and support for this program has been phenomenal. Our vision is that it grows from strength to strength, and we have a network of “Stand in Families” all over the USA and Canada.