Welcome to our support group for South African women in The United States and Canada.

Sawitu started as a Facebook group that was founded in 2017 by Antonet Lombard De Ridder and grew into the movement that it is today.

In April 2021 our online magazine, SAWITU Essentials was launched, later, our non-profit organization, several programs to assist members and yearly events.

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Living in a foreign land, far from everything and everyone close to her heart, the idea for SAWITU was born because the heart of a woman had a yearning for a sense of belonging, community, and support. Antonet Lombard De Ridder created the Facebook group called SAWITU (South African Women in the United States and Canada) on 31 October 2017.

SAWITU is now a family of sisters, all with the same yearning deep within them.

What started with one woman who was the only member on the Facebook group for the first week, but posted anyway, has grown into a family of almost 6000 sisters, with the number growing daily

We laugh together, cry together, share recipes, adventures, sorrows, worries, advice and much much more.We give each other a helping hand. When one falls, the others jump in and help ‘stoot die wa deur die drif.’ This band of sisters stands up for each other and has become a Stand-in-Family for each other, as well as each others’ children. We support members’ entrepreneurial visions and assist in building their success. When grieving, we send a little packet of encouragement. And when necessary, we make sure that little precious bundle has everything it needs.

We reach out to each other, we pray together, we rejoice together. And, at times, we are angry together. We celebrate our uniqueness. But most of all, we share our mutual culture because we all have the same yearning in our hearts.

As South Africans we grew up with the saying, ‘bloed kruip waar water nie loop nie.’ We learned through SAWITU that here in North America, far from the southern tip of Africa, that same water can turn into blood.

SAWITU is continuously growing, with new members joining daily, and developing with events and programs. A support system like no other.

SAWITU Projects

Stand-In-Auntie Program

Missing family? Get an instant Auntie or be an instant Auntie.

Care Packages Program

Packages provided to women in need, a true support network.

SAWITU Essentials Magazine

Read stories, get recipes and feel uplifted by our quarterly magazine.

Secret Santa Program

Treat and be treated by fellow South African Women.

The Birth of SAWITU

Here I was, alone in the USA, a brand new beginning, and my life sucked. I was so incredibly lonely and isolated that it felt as if I was on another planet…

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