SAWITU Care Packages

When we find out that one of our members has lost a husband, child, mother, father, or a sibling we send a “hug-in-a-box” CARE package which we know will bring a smile to the recipient.  

It is always lovely to receive a surprise in the mail and even more so when you have lost a close family member and you learn that there are people out there who care and are thinking of you.    

During the course of 2021 we noticed that a lot of our members were losing family members in South Africa, and this program started out with Lauren O’Reilly sending cards and slowly the movement grew and we began sending care packages – a “hug-in-a-box”.  

This program is fully funded by donations from members and our non profit organization: 

SAWITU Helping Hands. Companies that have donated products are Ithemba creations, De Waal Designs, Soapsies and Karen’s spice kitchen. We purchase products from members with businesses and in this way help 2 or more women instead of only one.

Contact SAWITU!

If you have recently lost a close family member, please reach out to Antonet at