SAWITU Support Sisters

SAWITU Support Sisters

Maybe we can’t stop the downpour, but we will always join you for a walk in the rain. This is the essence of the SAWITU Support Sister program. The program was created for women who are in need of a sister! Someone to listen, cry with and support our ladies on the days when the family in South Africa seems as far away as the miles are long. Days when you feel lonely, sad, and unsupported. That is when the Support Sisters make a difference. Having someone to text or call, someone who understands how you feel, because they have been there before. That’s when lifelong friendships are made. Friendships are bonded together by empathy, support, kinship, and trust.
Believe it or not, sometimes the loneliest moments are not when you are sad and are crying, but when you are happy, very excited about something amazing that has happened, and you have no one to tell. No one to share in your excitement or no one with whom to celebrate your achievements. This is when the Support Sisters really shine!

SAWITU Support Sisters have 19 wonderful women, each with their own talents, gifts, and special personalities, volunteering their time, kindness, expertise, patience and support to the women of SAWITU.

If someone is having a bad day or needs some support, they can email and will be matched with a Support Sister, depending on different factors like the time they are available, preferences to communication methods, and similar life experiences. All communications are kept confidential, and ladies never have to worry that their problems will be aired on the Facebook group. SAWITU Support Sisters is just another way that SAWITU uplifts and celebrates women every day, through support, connection, kindness, and collaboration.

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